65 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128

stablished in 1972, the St. Thomas More Play Group offers a small nonsectarian nursery program for children two through five years of age.

Our primary objective is to provide a warm, responsive, and supportive atmosphere for each child to begin his social and academic journey through life. It is our belief that a child’s first school experience should be his strongest in terms of trust and security in his teachers and surroundings. Our caring and relaxed approach provides each child with a positive foundation enabling him to cope with a wide variety of future educational environments and pressures. We want children to leave the Play Group with strong self-esteem and a feeling of confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

We accommodate each child in the Play Group as totally unique in his emotional needs, group adaptation capabilities, and skills readiness. Rudimentary socialization skills are an important emphasis in our program, but not at the expense of the child’s sense of self or overall happiness. Individual differences and “stages” are quickly perceived and respected. Our program and facilities provide a rich environment for learning and growth. A wide variety of activities and materials encourage the child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical development. Individual and group projects spark curiosity and stimulate the children to observe, experiment freely, become problem solvers, and acquire basic skills without the fear of failure.